Complete fresh raw meals made with human grade meats and the highest quality ingredients

Dogs are our forever companions. As they grow and age, make sure to provide them with the high quality, nutrient dense food they deserve. When developing our recipe we worked with a leading pet nutritionist to create a raw dog food that was 100% balanced and complete. Designed to be in accordance with AAFCO standards.

"We eat what we farm, and so does our dog."

High quality human grade meat matters. Even for your dog. We raise our own grass fed & finished beef here on our Long Island ranch.

Stephen Skrenta,
Chief Rancher at Acabonac Farms & Acabonac Pet

See How One Farm Can Make A World Of Difference

We Believe In Raw

Eating Raw Is In Your Dog's DNA

Healthy dogs eat fresh, raw, real food. That's a fact. Acabonac Pet offers complete, raw meals with human grade ingredients in a convenient pre-portioned serving. No confusing marketing, no artificial preservatives and no grains. Just clean raw food prepared locally in a USDA certified kitchen.

The Benefits Speak For Themselves:
• Healthy weight
• Increased energy
• Better hydration
• Improved oral health
• Healthy skin and lustrous fur
• More appetizing and satiating
• Improved absorption of nutrients
• Smaller poops that don’t stink!
Begin The Journey To Better Pet Health

A Convenient Subscription For You, Healthy Meals For Them

Creating a personalized meal plan is easy! Simply check out our feeding chart, order recipes you think they will love and we'll take care of the rest. With Acabonac Pet you can cancel, pause or change your subscription at any time!

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