How expensive is raw food?

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We’re not going to sugar coat it, RAWF Pet Food is a high quality product and may be more expensive than what you are paying now for dog food. The majority of kibble formulas are grain-based because it is inexpensive. Dog’s intestinal tracts are not designed to eat grains, and they cause internal irritation, leading to many problems in our pets today. A dog’s natural healthy diet consists of mostly meat and some vegetables and fruits, not carbs.

As you know, you pay more for quality. You can trust RAWF is the highest quality pet food available. RAWF Pet Food uses the highest quality humanely raised 100% grass fed & pasture finished beef with NO antibiotics or hormones. You can trust us because we raise the beef on OUR farm in Eastern Long Island, NY. No other raw dog food can say that! We source the best quality American sourced fruits and vegetables, dog nutritionist designed nutrient formula of vitamins and minerals to add to our dog food. RAWF is made with care in small batches at a USDA licensed facility in New Jersey and then each raw frozen beef patty is individually wrapped for your feeding convenience. Your pet deserves the best food.

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