The Cost Of Acabonac Pet

What Goes Into The Price Of Acabonac Pet?

Our mission at Acabonac Pet is to provide high quality nutritious dog food at a competitive price. When you look at our ingredients including real meat, fruit and vegetables, consider what you spend at the grocery store for a pound of ground beef and an apple.

It makes you wonder, how can kibble and some mail order services that claim to use human grade meat be so inexpensive? 

When choosing Acabonac Pet you're going to pay a little extra, but in return you receive the following:

Stephen and Otis

Real Human Grade Protein

When we produce Acabonac Pet we use the same grass finished beef we feed our families. Not weird off cuts, the actual same ground beef that we are proud to place on our tables. For our other proteins we turn to trusted farming sources, using the same meat we buy at the grocery store.

Real Human Grade Produce

We don't use expired or unsellable produce to keep costs low. If we wouldn't eat it, we won't feed it to our furry best friends. The produce in Acabonac Pet comes from the same local suppliers that your favorite restaurant uses.

Complete Nutrition

There is a tendency in the raw dog food industry to idealize a short ingredient list. We get it, short lists are easy to read and you can feel good about what you're feeding your dog. The problem is these short lists are rarely provide 100% complete nutrition for your pup. Instead of keeping our list short, we worked with a top pet nutritionist to make sure Acabonac Pet has everything your dog needs to thrive.

One On One Service

When you become a member of the Acabonac Pet family you're not just another customer. We are with you every step of the way to make sure you and your dog are thriving with our food. From helping you customize your subscription, to working through the sometimes challenging transition to raw food, we're on this journey together and honored you made the choice to join us.

Produced Locally

We raise our own beef on Long Island and produce our pet food at a local USDA licensed facility. When you choose to feed your pup Acabonac Pet you are making an investment in the local economy, not a group of venture capitalists.

Piece Of Mind

With Acabonac Pet you know you are getting 100% complete dog food made with high quality ingredients, produced locally. In fact, you can even visit the farm if you're ever in the area. Just send us an email and we'll work out a time for you to say hi to the cows! As a small farm and company we're able to offer a level of transparency and connection that our competitors just can't match.

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