Benefits to Feeding Raw

Eating food that is raw, natural and unprocessed is best for our pet’s health and wellness.  Modern domestic dogs are descended from and share 99% of their DNA with the wild grey wolf.  Many pet owners and veterinarians agree that feeding our dogs a diet of raw whole foods similar to that of their wild ancestors is optimal for our dog’s health and wellness, paving the way for a long happy life.

Unlike freeze-dried or dehydrated food, RAWF is minimally processed.  Most dry kibble and canned foods are made using a high heat process that depletes the nutritional value of the food.  Many of these products also contain grains, fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives that are unhealthy for our dogs.  Because RAWF is not subjected to heat, it retains both its moisture content and its vital nutrients and enzymes.  These nutrients are needed for proper growth, and the enzymes are important for digestion.  Unlike freeze-dried or dehydrated food, RAWF is minimally processed.  

Our RAWF raw pet food is pure and natural and the healthiest food choice for your dog.

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Good for Pets with Food Sensitivities
Raw food diets have been shown to improve digestion and boost the immune system.
Additionally, the absence of common dog food allergens in raw food diets make them ideal for dogs with food sensitivities. RAWF is made with high quality unprocessed natural ingredients - 100% grass fed pasture finished antibiotic and hormone free raw beef and whole raw fruits, vegetables and seeds.  We purposely avoid grains, gluten, fillers, artificial colors and preservatives, all items that are rough on sensitive tummies.  We have also added specific vitamins and minerals to RAWF that help maintain a healthy intestinal environment by maximizing food digestibility and efficiency, promoting beneficial bacteria development and reducing pathogens present in the digestive tract.

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Maximum Digestibility
Raw, natural, whole food ingredients promote healthy digestion and allow optimal nutrient absorption. This means that dogs have smaller, less frequent bowel movements.  That’s a win!

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Shiny Coat

Natural oils and omega fatty acids present in raw food promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.


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Increased Stamina, Vitality

Pure natural 100% grass fed pasture finished raw ground beef and organs build lean, strong muscles and increase stamina and vitality. This, in turn, helps dogs maintain a healthy weight.


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Healthy Teeth & Gums
Dogs on a raw food diet are less likely to have tooth decay.  Raw food doesn't contain processed fats and starches that can stick to teeth and cause cavities and gum disease.  Best of all, naturally occurring enzymes in raw food and the chewing of raw meat promotes healthy teeth and gums so your dog has better breath!

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When our dogs eat unprocessed, natural raw food their health is optimized paving the way for a long life.


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